Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Llew Mejia: Lil' Guaros

Black and white is coming back in style supposedly so here's a black and white pattern, maybe it's simple enough that it could go on a button up shirt or something like that as an all over pattern.

Who knows, but anyway Saguaros have a special place in mah heart, considering I was born in Arizona there are plenty in the area and are basically the deserts trees, because nothing is really able to grow taller than them with the small amounts of nutrients available in the desert. But they are an important part of the ecosystem and provide a home for owls and other birds, plus they just look like a cartoon so I like them even more. They don't even seem real when you stand next to one, if you are used to deciduous or coniferous trees all the time, you would probably be like wha wha whaaaaaa.

 Yeah well that's that, enjoy!

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