Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Llew Mejia: Dazed and Confused

Hey everybody, whoever is looking if you are looking, thank you for paying attention to this blog, after this week it will be a whole year of making these patterns, which pretty much means a whole year since I graduated. Which is really depressing, even though I know I am not old I feel old...
either way, I will continue making a few patterns and I'm going to probably just put all these up on a separate tumblr for viewing pleasure.

This floral was dedicated to the Scopolamine flower, which if you have seen in the VICE doc about the plant, is insane. Basically it has in it a alkaloid that can be crushed up and dried out and blown into someone's face and then the person you use it on has to do what you tell them to do, and they black out the entire thing. In the documentary these dudes talk about how some tourists got robbed by using it and they even packed the entire car for the people robbing them, which isn't technically robbing... but anyway look for the doc on youtube, good stuff.

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