Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Llew Mejia: Clematis, a succulent pod-plant

Wallpaper detail
I used to have a bunch of different types of Clematis vines growing on the fence of my old house and they would always look like plants you would see if you got sucked into Jumanji, you know the crazy constantly life threatening jungle world where Robin Williams lives? I wanted to make my flowers have a poisonous creature vibe to them, so I gave them juicy eye holes and succulent textures. I want them to seem like they stank.

Anyhow I was looking at a lot of French Chintz patterns while I was constructing the way I wanted this pattern to go, it had to be seamless and well balanced like their patterns were. I had to toss all the larger icons and see that the spacing was really even, then print that out, draw over it where the vines should go, scan those in, place them, then create smaller icons to fill up the rest of the space. I just explained it pretty quickly but honestly it took forever...I also decided it would be best to do this in B&W considering the level of detail.

Hope you all enjoy it!

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