Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Llew Mejia:Tweenie Chrysanthemums

Hello everybody, so for starters I would like to say that we are beginning the most exciting part of 101Florals this week. Which is having guest artists join us weekly to show their personal interpretation of the weeks flower, this week we will have wonderful Olivia Mew with us, but you will have to wait until tomorrow. Guest artists will be posted Thursdays on every week from now on, So keep your eyes and ears open for every week we will have a different artist!

 Usually I feel like I go a little overboard with details on some of these florals simply because that's what I like most about drawing. But this week I really wanted to go for a more girly looking pattern to see if I could even do it, sometimes I feel like my patterns are a little too serious. I could see this pattern on a tween girls bedspread while she is asking a magic 8-ball  whether Scott, or  Blake, or Chet, or Chad, are still in fact in love with her, so I think I really accomplished my goal of diversity in pattern making this week.

To create this pattern I made around eight different icons in all different mediums from pencil, to brush pen and scanned them in with their respective textures which gave it a better flow. I then did a half drop repeat with a few of the icons and then filled in the rest to give you what you see now.

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