Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Llew Mejia: First Snow

 So this weeks floral is the infamous Burdock Thistle, I think at one time or another anyone who has gone into high grass has come out with at least one of these attached to their fleece or their shoelaces. It's an annoying way to self-propagate but the plant has burs all over it to attach itself to animals fur originally, in human's case it's our clothes. Usually we encounter these when they're dry so they don't appear as colorful pink tufts in a sea of greens, which they look like before they dry out for the winter.

I was inspired to do another all illustrator piece to practice a little more. I did it all in one go and looking back now it looks kind of stretched but o well. It's supposed to look like a first snow when everything else starts dying and these thistles stick out!

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