Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Llew Mejia: Waikiki Kiwis

So this pattern was based off of the Kiwi flower. It's a cool flower all in all, a little bit of a challenge to draw, and I don't really even like kiwi's very much. Feel's like your'e trying to eat a small oval mammal, but first you have to skin it and it's all soft and juicy. It's just kind of unsettling. Anyway back to the pattern, so I wanted to give it a real islander look, some distressing here and there, make it look a little sun-bleached, or even kinda inside out, like a real islander wears his Hawaiian shirt, to distinguish the natives from the Haoles as Natives call outsiders...I just learned about that the other day, pretty good fact. Enjoy!

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