Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Llew Mejia: Rotten Rafflesia

This weeks awesome flower is one of my personal favorites of all time, it's the stanky Rafflesia, also known commonly as the corpse flower due to the foul odor it produces. It's a really strange flower too, considering that it has no stems or leaves or even roots. The plant lives like a parasite off of a host vine on the ground floor of the rainforest. The vine feeds the massive four-petaled flower (sometimes weighing in at a massive 22 lbs!) and the flower propagates by small mammals and insects.

This plant is the largest single flower plant in the entire world.Was trying to give this pattern a sort of Hawaiian shirt color way hope it comes across! For all you Pokemon fans out there, the infamous Vileplume is based off the Rafflesia. You know you've made it as a plant when they make a Pokemon after you....dayum.

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