Friday, November 2, 2012

Bill Rebholz: Kiwi BIRDS!

So, this post is a little late unfortunately but at least it's here, so feast your eyes on a pattern by my good friend and illustrator Bill Rebholz. His work is really awesome and definitely one of my favorites, I think you will agree. Check out his website for more work!!!

Here's some info about Bill and also a comment:

Bill Rebholz is an illustrator based out of Minneapolis, MN. 

Frequently asked if he was born in the wrong decade, Bill insists he in fact was not, but rather just appreciates the old realm of commercial art, and wants to keep its relevancy in the modern world of design and illustration. His skills include, but are not limited to, all manners of illustration, design, lettering, and sign & mural painting.

"In a perfect world, Kiwis would scurry around sniffing kiwi flowers while their feathers reflect fractal patterning."

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