Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Llew Mejia: Cabbage Stew

So this weeks floral is centered around cabbage. Yeah its a semi-boring subject, because its just a leafy green that kind of looks like a brain in some ways, so veiny. Anyway, had some fun with this one and went conceptual with it, so a small history lesson, which most people already know.

Irish people are mostly if not all catholic, so I made the papal emblem in my own way, and then gave the cabbage a godly glow, because well it saved them when they were eating green potatoes. And I'm not religious but still this bland vegetable pretty much saved some of them, like a god would, and cabbage stew is an iconic Irish dish because of this...sort of. Anyway it was good fun, and I hope you enjoy it because it's probably one of the weirder looking patterns I will make.

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