Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Llew Mejia: Dandy Lions

Soooo, the cold is creeping in slowly but surely, actually the other day it snowed here, good thing it didn't stay. Not a fan. But either way, I think dandelions are boring, the only reason I did them is because Andres Guzman told me too, so blame him. But since we are in Fall season now, I drew things that reminded me of Fall with the Dandelions to make it a little more interesting. Brings up some nostalgia about roaming in the woods a lot more when I was younger, sometimes you just have to get outside, everyone should...I read this article about how if you spend 5 minutes outside minimum everyday it actually affects your health positively, and the euphoric effects of spending time outside can last for the entire day. So have a bonfire, or catch some newts in a stream, while it's not too late and everything's dead.

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