Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Llew Mejia:Hong Kong Clams

This weeks flower is the Bauhinia Blakeana, such a complicated name, for a complex flower. This belongs to a flowering tree which is rare as it is sterile and can only be cultivated by taking other parts from other trees for propagation. So basically their is one grand-daddy tree and all the other trees are his children.

Pretty crazy stuff, anyhow, I tried to make a clamshell pattern and just freestyled it put some of my favorite occult symbolism in there as well as some random babylonian symbols that have nothing to do with anything, but aesthetically I think it all goes together alright. If you are confused the flower is in the middle, and the heart shaped leaves are the weird looking things flanking each side of it. Alright, well thats about it!

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