Thursday, August 2, 2012

Erica Sirotich: Carnivorous Cuties

This weeks guest artist is the very talented Erica Sirotich, all the way from San Francisco.She is a freelance illustrator who likes to create images inspired by animals and children. I think it shows because in this pattern it's pretty obvious how cute she made one of the more deadly plants in nature, the pattern definitely belongs in a Golden book.

Erica is a self-taught illustrator, who after going to school for religion, decided that she would rather do art for a living, thanks for joining the winning team! Kind of a spare of the moment decision but I can relate, although I wouldn't be able to tell judging by how clean and crisp all of her linework is in person. She is a human Adobe Illustrator.
Also, you should all check out her shop Cuddlefish Press for more of her lovable work.

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