Thursday, August 16, 2012

Teagan White: Nostalgic Magnolias

Magnolias were always my favorite trees when I was a kid. I remember being disappointed almost every year when a frost came overnight just as the flowers started to bloom and killed them, so that instead of those nice fleeting couple of weeks of beautiful giant flowers in the tree in my neighbor's yard, I'd be faced with a couple of weeks of walking across soggy brown petals plastered to the sidewalk on my way to school. I did a little bit of research on magnolias before starting on this pattern, and learned from wikipedia that magnolias are really really ancient plants and were actually first pollinated by beetles because bees and other pollinators hadn't evolved yet. For more beautiful work by Teagan check her out here!

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  1. I found my way here through a rabbit hole of links and I'm so glad I did. Love the concept of the blog, love the work and love seeing florals from different artists perspectives. Love love love, in other words! And Teagan White's contribution is particularly beautiful. Great stuff.