Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Llew Mejia: Hungry Hungry Pitcher Plants

This week was really exciting for me because it was totally my choice flower, the Pitcher Plant! This plant is one of my favorite carnivorous plant species because of the way it is built. It has a colorful top part to attract its prey which depending on the size is anything from small insects to rats and lizards. After the prey slips on the lip of the trap it falls into a digestive fluid ensuring it's demise. Pretty awesome, killa plants.

It's ridiculous the range of habitats these plants live in and even if you live in Minnesota there is the Purple Pitcher Plant . Do yourself some justice and check out the local pitcher plants in your area, You will like the way they look I guarantee it!

Did a couple of color ways and also put it all over a couch for you all to see. Please enjoy.

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