Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Llew Mejia: Nopalitos!

  Prickly pears as they are commonly called in English are a Mexican delicacy and I am sure they are used in any other area they are found. But I have fond memories of my mother de-spining the flat oar-like leaves of the Nopal(as it is called in Spanish) and thinly slicing the the leaves in strips. Then mixing it with various other ingredients to make a very mucousy salad that tasted like heaven but felt like you were chewing on puke.

Either way this plant is nostalgic to me, and I decided to go real simple/abstract with this pattern, letting the textures kind of make the distinguishing factor behind plant and background. It was fun just free styling a pattern this way, and I think I am going to make more of these types of patterns in the future. The repeat has this weird pulsating feeling to it too, real trippy like.

 Stay tuned kids for tomorrow we have one of my personal favorite artists, Meg Hunt joining us!


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