Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Llew Mejia: Abstract Flytraps

So after doing some retro style patterns for what felt like awhile I decided to take this to an altogether different direction and try my luck at making another all Adobe Illustrator driven pattern. This is the baby born from random messing around with illustrator filters, it kinda looks like it could go on fabric and it's like a geo but just slightly more organic.

I tried to incorporate the flowers from the Venus Flytrap but also make it really subtle and add some of the nice reds that are in the mouths of this carnivorous plant.This plant is really awesome and unique because of the way it's leaves act as a cage, there are small hairs on the leaf that alert the plant when there is something heavy enough to close its trap. Once the leaf traps it's prey it basically melts it with enzymes and turns into a stomach further digesting whatever was caught.

Let me know what you think, I might try and make a few more patterns like this it was pretty fun.

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